Why is it so Hard to Lose Belly Fat?

Why is it so Hard to Lose Belly Fat

Do you know that you can easily gain belly fat but when it comes to losing it, it’s a beast you can fight without seeing any success? Do you know that the fats we store in our bodies are not the same? Our bodies store two types of fat, the subcutaneous and visceral fats, and both fats are named according to where they are stored.

Subcutaneous fat is the fat stored just under the skin, this fat is evenly distributed all over the body and cause no harm. Visceral fat is the fat stored around organs in the abdominal region, the fat is very dangerous and is very difficult to lose.

Many people don’t understand the reason as to why this fat is so difficult to lose. To better your understanding let’s get to the bottom of this matter here.

If you have been trying to lose belly fat but getting no result, relax, it’s probably just because you don’t understand the basics. If you keep on dealing with an enemy, you don’t know you will never gain the flat stomach you are dreaming of.  So how does the body burn fats?

Fat burning in our bodies is a process that takes place in two stages, oxidation and lipolysis. Lipolysis is the break down or destruction of fat cells to release fatty acids into the circulatory system.

Oxidation is the second stage of the fat burning process and is fully dependent on the first. This process involves the utilization of the fatty acids released during lipolysis.

To effectively burn fat the body must trigger lipolysis, and to stimulate the process the body releases catecholamines namely adrenaline and noradrenaline. These two chemicals then travel to the fat cells via the blood stream and attach to the cells receptors. Once they are here they initiate the whole process of fat burning and fatty acids are released.

Why Belly Fat is Difficult to Burn?

The one main reason why belly fat is so stubborn to burn is because, there are two types of fat cell receptors. Alpha receptors tend to hinder lipolysis, thereby making it hard to initiate the whole process of burning fat. The other type are beta receptors. This type are friendly and help to trigger the process. This the main reason why when you engage in rigorous exercise some parts of your body will lose fat faster.

The fat stored around your midsection is very stubborn because it’s stored in cells with many alpha receptors. When the catecholamines get to these fat cells they are denied entry and cannot attach to the cell. This leads to a stall in the process of burning fat, causing the cell to store more fat instead of losing it.

The other thing that makes this fat stubborn is the way it alters the balance of your body hormones. Three of the most important hormones to mention are ghrelin, leptin and cortisol.


This the hormone that controls your hunger. When the levels of ghrelin in your body rise, you grow hungry. Visceral fats tend to trigger the release of excess ghrelin in our bodies. This is the reason why people with large amounts of belly fats never stop eating. As this happens they keep gaining more and more fat and losing little or nothing.


If you are stressed by the amount of belly fat you have gained, you are doing yourself more harm. Why? This hormone called cortisol goes hand in hand with stress. The more stressed you become, the more the cortisol your body releases. This is because cortisol counter attacks your stress in bid to manage it.

Cortisol is a very dangerous hormone because it prevents the body from burning visceral fats. It’s not helpful in any way since it triggers the release of chemicals in your brain. These chemicals heighten your craving for salty and sugary foods.  These foods in turn don’t help you but only cause you to gain more fat.


This the hormone that governs your appetite, if you are to lose any weight or belly fat then this has to be the dominant hormone of the three. However, this is not the case, when we store a lot of visceral fat it triggers processes in our bodies that reduce the amount of leptin. This throws our appetite out of control, making us want to consume more and more.


Losing belly fat has never been as easy as most people expect. If you want to win the battle, the first and most important step is to maintain a good hormonal balance. Get your hormones back to normal, combine this with aggressive exercise and good eating habits, and your dream of a flat belly will become a reality.

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