Veggies that Kill Belly Fat

Veggies that Kill Belly Fat

The best way to shed the stubborn belly fat is by maintaining a large calorie deficit. A calorie deficit means the difference between our intake and the calories we burn. Therefore, to increase the deficit we can either limit our calorie intake, exercise aggressively or do both. Our bodies can shed fat only when metabolic effects rise to the level that initiate the fat burning process.

There are veggies that, when consumed, initiate these metabolic effects and help trigger fat burning hormones. The vegetables also contain compounds that help to eliminate the toxins which hinder fat burning processes. However, these foods don’t work miracles on their own. They must be consumed in conjunction with a clean diet.

Also, don’t consume these foods alone and expect results to just come your way. Combine them with good eating habits and keep on exercising aggressively, and then you will burn the stubborn fat. The following are veggies that help eliminate belly fat:


Kale is the king of vegetables in many ways, because besides being one of the most nutrient rich foods, it also helps control your appetite. Kale is also a good detoxifying agent and helps the body clear any harmful agents.

This veggie is also one of the best anti-inflammatory foods you can find. It helps eliminate any inflammation in your body, thereby helping to curb diseases like cancer and heart attack.

If you are looking to lower your calorie intake, then eating more kale is the way to go. If you consume 100 grams of kale it will only serve you 33 calories, which means you can fill up on kale without altering your calorie program.

The other thing is that kale helps you lose weight and burn fat. It’s recommended as a weight loss food since it’s so low in fat. Kale contain fiber which help the digestive system stay healthy and contains vital vegetable proteins.


Broccoli rabe contains a compound called phytonutrient sulforaphane. This phytochemical stimulates the production of the enzyme that sends signals to the fat cells to initiate lipolysis. Broccoli is also rich in calcium, chromium and vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps our bodies to synthesize carnitine, a compound which is vital in breaking down fat into energy. According to a study published in 2007 by the Journal of Nutrition, when vitamin C is consumed it helps us to lose weight.

Calcium limits the body in its production of new fat cells, and initiates the process of burning stored fat. When it is present in the intestine, calcium binds with some dietary fats and prevents them from being absorbed.

Chromium is very helpful in controlling how insulin works in the body. By doing so, chromium is able to impact the metabolism of carbohydrates, thereby helping in burning fat.

When the right amount of broccoli is consumed, a good number of cells are reached and hence an effective fat burning process is initiated. Broccoli also contains a lot of other nutrients as well as fiber which help the overall state of the body.


Cauliflower is one of the most nutritious cruciferous vegetables. It contains phytochemicals. These chemicals have the ability to initiate the process of burning belly fat.

The reason cauliflower is considered one of the best vegetables to remove belly fat is because of how fast it initiates the fat burning effect. It also contains other vital compounds that act on xenoestrogens- chemicals in the body which urge the body to retain fat.

When the menace of xenoestrogen is tackled, the body loses belly fat more easily. Cauliflower contains a lot of fiber, which is very helpful in burning stomach fat. It is also a very low calorie food and helps a great deal in the management of calorie intake. Besides that, it contains a host of other nutrients that help maintain good health


If you have accumulated belly fat and you want to lose it fast, then cabbage will be helpful. Diuretic cabbage is very effective in burning belly fat. It is extremely efficient in initiating fat break down in our bodies. This vegetable is gaseous enough to clean our digestive system, especially the colon.

It is also an effective detox ingredient, and helps eliminate the toxins which encourage the body to store belly fat.


The best way to burn belly fat is by encouraging the natural ways that initiate the process. By eating vegetables that help eliminate belly fat we are helping the body to work as it should without adding any chemicals it.  Other vegetables that you may like to try that help with belly fat include collard greens, spinach and Brussels sprouts.

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