Tips for Losing Fat not Muscle, According to Fitness Experts

Tips for Losing Fat not Muscle, According to Fitness Experts

Marathon running and cycling are very popular today, while many enthusiasts change to triathlons for a more challenging work out. However, these cardiovascular exercises have a tendency to reduce your muscle mass while you lose fat.

Fat and muscle are two different components in your body that require different types of diet and exercise. It’s hard to identify which of the two components you lose when you work out. The good thing is that experts have revealed the wrong techniques that you have been using all this time.

Read the insider tips below and reevaluate your work out routine so you will lose fat not muscle.

Two-phase workout

There are two phases in your exercise routine that you need to balance to avoid losing muscle. The phases are the muscle-building phase and the fat-loss phase. Muscle-building is the initial phase, before you proceed to losing your fat.

The muscle-building phase helps you build lean muscles. It prepares your body to avoid losing too much muscle tissue in your training. The best exercise is weight training that lasts up to four weeks.  You need to include a proper diet, which requires you to eat five or six meals a day.

It’s also important to note that, in this phase, you are required to increase your daily caloric intake by 15 to 20 percent.

The second phase of your weight loss program is the fat-loss phase. Once the muscle-building phase has been completed, the fat-loss phase should follow. The fat-loss phase focuses on cutting the calorie intake by removing specific foods from your diet.

You’re not allowed to eat processed foods, such as protein shakes and bars. On the other hand, you are allowed to eat low-sodium natural foods. You can eat brown rice, oatmeal, dark leafy vegetables, white fish, lean steak, chicken breast and egg whites.

For a strict diet, you must cut out all complex carbs and fruits in the first three days of the fat-loss phase. Fruits that you can eat include green apples, berries and bananas. It’s during the third day that you are allowed to eat brown rice or sweet potato. Repeat the cycle for two weeks. However, you need to cut out the brown rice or sweet potato after the third day of the cycle.

Cardio for best results

If you want to get the best result, you must include at least an hour of cardio exercise during the two phases. Cardio exercise is more effective when you do it on an empty stomach. Because you want to burn the excess body fat, sugar must not be present in your body.

When you eat before cardio exercise, your body’s initial reaction is to burn the blood glucose. There is a less chance that the fat stored in your body will be burned.

If you don’t have time in the morning when your stomach is empty, you can still do cardio exercise but only right after an intense weight training work out. You want the glycogen to be used up first so that you can use the stored fat when you do the cardio exercise.

The easy diet system

If you find these phases complicated for a beginner, there is a better option that you can try. It’s the X-Factor Diet system. It’s a beginner-friendly system which helps you kick off your exercise routine with ease. If you know nothing about cooking, the self-help system gives you easy-to-do recipes. You don’t need to call your mom for help.

The X-Factor Diet is not a gimmick, like popular weight loss systems such as the South Beach Diet, and the Atkins Diet. The X-Factor Diet is based on science, which focuses on removing toxins and stabilizing the sugar level in the body.

You will bring back the confidence that was lost because of your weight issues. You only need to follow it for six weeks to see the results.

The system includes the following:

  • The Secret to Losing Unwanted Weight Fast and Keeping It Off provides you with effective tips to lose fat, to eat better, to tone up, to add lean muscle and to increase your strength.
  • The 21 Day Jump Start Guide provides a 21-day menu plan of foods you must eat every morning.
  • 3 Minute X-Factor Belly Fat Buster Video provides a short exercise routine without pain.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can ask for a refund. The system covers 100% a 60-day money back guarantee.

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