Interesting Facts About Cortisol Belly Fat

Interesting Facts About Cortisol Belly Fat

Cortisol is one of the hormones responsible for belly fat. Its functions include halting tissue growth and reducing protein synthesis. However, its main function is to give a signal to your body to replenish the energy lost after you have dealt with a stressful event. The hormone works along with your adrenaline.

When the adrenaline releases the stored energy in your body, cortisol comes into play. However, when your body releases cortisol, you become very hungry. Then your brain sends a signal to satisfy your craving. If you follow your brain, tension will be reduced as pleasure chemicals will be released.

The cycle repeats over and over again if you feel stress every day. The quickest solution possible for the cycle is to relax. It’s better that you know how to manage your stress.

Stress management

If you’re the type of person who gets angry easily because of trivial matters, it’s time to increase your patience. Overreacting to trivial matters can agitate the release of the body’s cortisol. One effective practice in stress management is to take a deep breath before you react.

It can help you relax on such adverse conditions. You will be able to construct a polite question instead of bursting out with hurtful words. Because the solution is psychological in nature, you need to take a lot of practice to stay calm in a stressful situation.


Lack of sleep can trigger the production of the cortisol in the body. If you have an average sleep of less than 7 hours, there is a chance of cortisol increasing. It also follows that your appetite increases which leads to weight gain. A recent study shows that a person’s appetite can increase by 23% due to lack of sleep.

Quit caffeine intake

Hold your horses! You may not like the idea if you’re a coffee lover. You may not even take to the option of replacing a decaf over your usual coffee. However, if you’re serious in burning your cortisol belly fat, you need to limit your coffee intake. But it’s much better if you quit altogether.

According to a study, if a person who is mildly stressed she drinks up to three cups of coffee, their cortisol increases by about 25%. As you learned earlier, your cravings increase because of the hormone. You’ll end up eating more than your recommended dietary allowance.

Enjoy your meal

Enjoying your meal means that you eat slowly even under stress. If you eat slowly, the cortisol level decreases and the fat will be distributed away from your belly. Avoid eating while working so you can savor each bite of your meal.

Avoid depriving yourself if you start to crave your favorite food. However, you need to take a small portion instead of eating the entire meal. The reason for giving in to your cravings is to cut off the possible release of cortisol in the body.

Toxins and sugar

It’s clear that cortisol must be controlled at all times if you want to burn your belly fat. However, there are many chemicals and components in your body which you need to control or to eliminate. The X-Factor Diet system deals with the the two most important contributors for fat production – toxins and sugar.

The X-Factor beats the toxins in your body by providing a list of antioxidants in its “The X-Factor Diet System – The Secret to Losing Unwanted Weight Fast and Keeping It  Off.”

Foods with high antioxidant levels contains few calories, which means that you can eat many portions without guilt and they do not cause inflammation in the body which is associated with belly fat.

It also helps in fighting free radicals, which helps in maintaining healthy cells. You feel rejuvenated when you fill your diet with foods rich in antioxidant. Whole grain, fruits and vegetables are examples of foods rich in antioxidant.

On the other hand, the X-Factor Diet provides healthy snacks and meals that replace your junk foods and processed foods. The recipes are created to supress the production of too much insulin in your body which triggers your cravings. If you’re a sweet-tooth person, you need guidance in choosing the right food to eat.

If you want to know the entire secret of the X-Factor Diet, you can buy it for an affordable price. You don’t need to pay for a shipping fee because you can download it to your computer and/or mobile devices.

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