Fat Burning Secrets

Fat Burning Secrets

Have you accumulated belly fat and now it’s becoming a serious concern to you and even your partner? Have you tried losing these stubborn fats and the results been futile? Don’t feel alone, this article will give you all the information you need and tell you how to implement strategies that will help solve the problem.

If you want to fix a problem, you must get to its root cause. It’s therefore very important to understand why belly fat is so stubborn before we get into the methods of eliminating it.

So why are belly fats so stubborn?

The natural method of the body when burning fats involves two processes, lipolysis-which is the process where fat cells release fatty acids, and oxidation-the process the cell uses to burn the fatty acids. The body primarily stimulates lipolysis by releasing the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline, which are commonly referred to as catecholamine.

Once they enter the blood stream these chemicals attach to receptors on the fat cells and trigger the excretion of fatty acids. Fat cells are not all the same, so some have beta receptors while other have alpha receptors.

Beta-receptors trigger lipolysis, while alpha-receptors hinder this process. Therefore, it’s easier to mobilize fat cells with beta receptors than it is to mobilize ones with alpha receptors. This is the main reason why some parts of your body like your face, arm and chest respond instantly to your fat loss regimen, while others like your belly will be very stubborn.

Now that you are aware of what happens, the secret of losing belly fat is no secret anymore!

The following tips may be helpful as you try to lose that stubborn belly fat you have tried to for so long without seeing success:

  1. You must help your body to mobilize fat cells.
  2. Help to speed up its natural process of losing overall body fats.

The following are five best fat burning secrets:

Training in a fasted state

Losing stubborn belly, hip and thigh fat is important and so is the way you lose them. If you are after losing them very fast, then its time you went exercising in a fasted state.

According to training experts, this is a simple trick, which is very effective and increases the amount of fats your body burns tremendously.  It’s easier said than done, as you need to understand how empty the stomach should be and all the downsides of this method.

A fasted state is when insulin is at baseline levels, and training at this time will give added advantages. This is because when in this state the body increases blood flow to the abdominal region, making it easier to burn belly fat.

Maintain moderate calorie deficits

The goal of following a fat loss diet plan is helping the body to burn fat at a faster rate. However, you should never starve your body in the name of fat loss, as maintaining good health should also be part of your weight loss goal.

According to research, maintaining an aggressive calorie deficit level of 20-25%, will help you lose fats fast without affecting your muscles. This will also help prevent problems that arise from cravings and hunger.

High intensity interval training (HIIT)

Doing a high intensity interval cardio workout will be giant step towards achieving your goal.  This method involves a cycle of alternating all-out intensity followed by low-intensity recovery. This the way to go for people who want to burn fat within a very short time. It’s very encouraging to note that 17-20 minutes of HIIT burns belly fat faster than a whole hour of bodybuilder cardio.


Some methods of losing stubborn fat can be costly to maintain and at times looking to easy cost-effective exercise, like morning sprints, may be what you need.  Running can be done anywhere and requires no equipment, apart from a pair of supportive running shoes.

Running for about an hour help your body burn around 600 calories, and the faster the rate, the faster the fat gets burned. Make running your everyday habit and you will slowly eliminate that stubborn belly fat.

Try yoga

According to research, yoga exercises are very effective in reducing stubborn belly fat. It’s reported that this relaxation exercise helps reduce the amount of cortisol, which is a stress hormone associated with accumulating belly fats. It’s especially useful for those who for other reasons cannot run or perform high intensity workouts.


Maintaining a balanced level of hormones in our bodies is the best way to control and lose belly fat. The best way to keep the hormones balanced is by staying conscious of all the things we take into our mouths, and to institute a regular exercise regimen.

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