Best Burning Fat Herbs

Best Burning Fat Herbs

The reason visceral fats are not easily burned is because they lie deep in the abdomen. Many people have struggled to lose belly fat and many give up because positive results never seem to come their way. If you have tried other methods in vain, it’s time you turned to these natural ways. If you are already structuring a belly- busting program, add in herbs and spices.

Herbs and spice will upgrade your plan and give you many health benefits. This is simply because herbs contain minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other medicinal properties.

Certain herbs promote effective weight loss by accelerating the body’s metabolism. So, next time you prepare your meal consider adding these spice and herbs generously:

Cayenne pepper

Peppers contain a compound called capsaicin which gives them their heat potential. This helps pepper to shrink fat tissue, lower the level of blood fats and decrease the amount of calorie intake.

Capsaicin’s heat properties are thermogenic substances, which means they help to speed up thermogenesis processes in your body. This happens when your body mobilizes fatty cells to create heat, and this in return impacts metabolism and helps alter the storage of stubborn fats.

Consuming the right amounts of cayenne pepper boosts your metabolism by about 5% and helps your body burn stubborn fats by up to 16% more.


Many tremendously powerful compounds can be found in ginger. This herb is a must-have in your diet if you want to live healthily, as it’s so powerful and has so many medicinal benefits. The spice has been in use for centuries, and offers antioxidant protection, is anti-ulcers and anti-inflammatory.

Ginger relaxes and soothes your intestinal muscles, and according to research, it’s thought to contain thermogenic properties. Ginger also plays a vital role in weight management because of its appetite suppressant properties. Ginger is known as a metabolic activator because it detoxifies the body and promotes efficient metabolism.

Enjoy the health benefits of this spice by preparing ginger tea and taking it sip by sip. To make it super effective you can add peppermint and chamomile.

Burdock roots

Burdock roots are well known in traditional medicine as a blood purifier. This herb has been widely used to detoxify the liver and the kidneys. It also boosts weight loss when consumed, since it can reduce hunger and cravings.

Burdock roots contain active compounds like polyphenol acids, non-hydroxyl acids and inulin. These ingredients are vital in speeding up metabolism. This herb also helps to regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Other health giving nutrients provided by compound include vitamin E, vitamin C, folic acid, riboflavin and niacin.  The best way to enjoy taking this herb is to add one ounce to boiled water and simmer for a few minutes. Drink the tea between meals for optimal benefits.

Combine this incredible herb with exercise and a good weight loss diet plan and you will be able to lose the stubborn fat easily.


Turmeric is a brightly colored yellow spice that form the foundation of curry dishes. So, if you love curry, then you will probably already be a fan of turmeric. One of the most widely studied active ingredients of turmeric is curcumin.

This compound helps suppress blood vessels required to form fat tissues, thereby preventing the formation of fatty tissues in the body. This gives your body a big boost in reducing weight gain and lowering body fat.

Curcumin is also very effective in preventing and treating chronic diseases that result from obesity. It interacts with vital signal transduction pathways, and this interaction helps improve metabolic disorders in the body.


Cinnamon is a comforting and sweet spice that has many amazing health benefits. The Ayurvedic and Chinese cultures have been using this aromatic and pungent bark for centuries to treat indigestion as well as to boost energy and vitality.

This spice boosts the body’s metabolism and helps lower blood sugar levels. Cinnamon significantly reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and the overall cholesterol levels of the body. It’s most effective for people with type two diabetes.

Cinnamon speeds up the metabolism of the body by up to 20%, which boosts the ability of the body to control sugar levels.


The list of herbs and spices that help in burning stubborn belly fats is extensive. Try to find out more about these herbs and spices, as they supply many different antioxidants to your diet. Get into the habit of using natural spices in your meals and you will soon lose all that stubborn fat.

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