Belly Fats Effects

Belly Fats Effects

Fats can be stored in all parts of your body, and these days, many people are accumulating fat deposits without knowing the dangers they face. Many people think that the fat around their midsection is a joke.

In fact, most people don’t work hard to shed it for health benefits but rather to look more beautiful and gain perfect body shapes. What they do not know is that visceral fat is a disaster waiting to happen.

Visceral fat is stored deeper than normal subcutaneous fat, and because of this it is very difficult to remove. This gel-like fat is very dangerous because it can wrap itself around major body organs and limit their functioning.

The following are some of the risks you face by accumulating fat in your midsection:

High Risk of Diabetes

Unlike other fats, belly fat is said to cause insulin resistance, making it easier for your body to develop diabetes.  Belly fat is also known to cause abnormalities in the body’s metabolism process. This is the major reason why people with a lot of belly fat develop metabolic diseases more easily.

According to research, pear-shape women hardly develop metabolic disease compared to their big bellied, apple shaped counterparts. Men store more fat than women do, but women risk developing more metabolic diseases than men.

One of the best ways of naturally treating diabetes is by eliminating the belly fat you have accumulated. Otherwise you are just at the brink of falling ill.

Increased Inflammation

Visceral fats produce inflammatory and hormonal molecules, which are then dumped into the liver. This results in increased inflammation and more hormone disrupting reactions.

The inflammation is a result of visceral fat wrapping around key organs like the liver, kidneys, heart, intestines and the pancreas. This cycle go on and can be a difficult cycle to break because it alters the body’s metabolism.

The inflammation increases, and as things worsen it produces an inflammatory molecule called interleukin-6.  This molecule starts a series of autoimmune reactions. Therefore, inflammation is the root cause of most health problems, and if something is not done early, it can be fatal.

Hard to Lose Weight

Visceral fat affects your hunger levels and heightens your cravings, something that can make you grow heavier and heavier. The amount of fat your body stores governs the body’s metabolism, and excess fat alters the process, causing hormonal imbalance. This can make you overeat because it interferes with the hormones that control your appetite.

As this happens your level of insulin rises and more and more calories are converted into body fat. Your body can maintain a certain weight through the brain hormonal messengers, and this weight is called the ‘set point’.

Feeding on refined carbohydrates can trigger excess production of fat-storing hormones. This changes the set point and sets it a bar higher than the norm.

What follows is an extremely difficult task of trying to maintain a moderate-calorie and healthy diet. That’s the main reason why, once you start gaining belly fat, it’s always difficult to break the cycle, and you find that instead of losing weight you gain more and more.

Depression and Mood Problems

Excess belly fat causes hormonal imbalances in your body. This imbalance affects the brain’s neurotransmitters including galanin and serotonin. When the functions of the neurotransmitters are altered, it impacts your mood in a negative manner.

Researchers have shown that increased amounts of visceral adipose tissue lead to an increased likelihood of depression. To stay healthy and limit the occurrence of depression the only way out is to shed the belly fat.

Following a depression free diet might be the perfect plan, especially for women, because they are more prone to depression that results from belly fat.

Strokes and Heart Disease

Cytokine is described as the main reason for inflammatory disorders and heart disease. Cytokine is an inflammatory hormone that is generated by stored fat. Inflammation causes the liver to be overwhelmed by toxins and hence become unable to function normally.

This leads to more plaque and fat build up in blood vessels. This translates to the risk for cardiovascular problem triggers like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high triglycerides.


Besides the above-mentioned effects, belly fat can cause other risks to our bodies. These include cancer, arthritis, sexual dysfunctions, dementia, and sleep disorders.


The best way to prevent these risks from occurring is by avoiding accumulating belly fat. The best way to prevent and lose belly fat is by eating correctly and taking sufficient exercise. Stay healthy and remember: prevention is better than cure.

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