How to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat

Do you feel the bulge in your abdomen? Do you need to jump or to lie down on your bed just to zip your pants? These usual scenarios show signs that you have belly fat. Unfortunately, your problem does not end with zipping your pants, it also continues into health related issues. Medical facts and recent studies reveal that having belly fat leads to a higher risk of stroke and death.

If you do not act now, you might experience the deadly result caused by your stubborn belly fat. However, you need to take care, as there are many weight loss programs that promise to trim it.

In this article, you will learn the truth about belly fat. You will also learn the most effective way to get rid of it, using a science-based approach. It means that you will get a legitimate solution and it will not cost you a fortune. You will not need to take a combination of cardiovascular exercises that may eat up your time. You can now say goodbye to biking, running and jumping rope and you can continue your sedentary lifestyle.

Before explaining the entire weight loss concept, you need to learn the facts about belly fat.

What is belly fat?

Belly fat is the abdominal fat that hangs off your belt buckles.  It is sometimes referred as love handles. You will know if you have too much of it when you measure your waist. Here are the steps to get the proper measurement to know if you have a belly fat.

Step 1: Place a tape measure, just above your hipbone, around your bare stomach. You must be in a standing position when you measure your waist.

Step 2:  Make sure that the tape measure is in the same level all the way around.

Step 3:  As you pull the tape measure, avoid any resistance such as a tucking your stomach. Relax and make sure that the tape measure fits snugly around you.

Step 4:  Record the final measurement.

Men and women have different border lines when it comes to the measurement of belly fat. For women, the border line is 35 inches. For men, it is 40 inches. When the waist measures these numbers or more, it means that there is an unhealthy concentration of belly fat. In medicine, it is also called central obesity.

How does belly fat form?

There are several factors that lead to acquiring belly fat. The most common factor is a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle means that a person takes little to no exercise. This type of lifestyle is apparent for people who sit in the office the entire day. If a person with a sedentary lifestyle eats too much there is a greater chance that he or she will carry an excess weight.

Apart from the type of lifestyle, aging also plays a role in the increase of belly fat in the body. As you age, fat increases while the muscle mass decreases. When muscle mass decreases, the body has a hard time burning calories.

For women, the decreasing level of estrogen is also a factor; at its proper level, it helps in the distribution of fat in the body and prevents fat concentrating in the abdomen, so that central obesity cannot occur.

Subcutaneous fat vs Visceral fat

Now that you know the basics of belly fat, it’s time to go in-depth.

Belly fat has two layers: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. The subcutaneous fat is the bulge in your stomach and the layers on the side of your waist line. It is commonly referred to as belly fat and love handle. On the other hand, visceral fat lies deep inside the abdomen.

Most figure-conscious people aim to have a flat belly. Although it takes hard work, a flat belly is achievable. However, for people who do not care about their figure and are proud to embrace their size, such confidence can be dangerous.

Unfortunately, most of them overlook the undesirable medical conditions that lie ahead. Some of them think that as long as they are in the normal BMI range, even they have a large waistline, they are healthy. However, medical studies debunk this myth.

The 14-year study

Based on many medical studies, a person with visceral fat is more likely to acquire heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, breathing problems and premature death. It is important to note that even if a person is within his or her normal weight range but has a large waistline, premature death will still occur.

You read that right. Even if you have a normal BMI but you have a large waistline – belly fat, love handle, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, central obesity – you will have a greater chance of acquiring the deadly medical conditions mentioned above.

This truth is backed up by a 14-year study that was presented at the European Society of Cardiology on August 27, 2012. Based on the findings, a person with a normal weight, but concentrated central obesity, is 50% more likely to experience death than somebody who is obese.

Below is a summary of the study

The study evaluated 12,785 patients over 14 years. They were divided into six subgroups, based on their BMI and WHR, as the basis for measuring the cardiac risk.

BMI stands for body mass index; it shows the relationship between your height and your weight. WHR stand for waist to hips ratio. It shows the relationship between the measurements of the circumference of your belly and your hips.

The six subgroups in the study were:

  1. Normal BMI – Normal WHR
  2. Normal BMI – High WHR
  3. Overweight BMI – Normal WHR
  4. Overweight BMI – High WHR
  5. Obese BMI – Normal WHR
  6. Obese BMI – High WHR

Normal WHR is less than 0.85 in for women and 0.90 in for men.

High WHR is greater than 0.85 in for women and 0.90 in for men.

At the end of the study, 2,652 participants had died. Based on the findings, subgroup B (Normal BMI – High WHR) had the highest risk of dying. When compared to subgroups E and F, subgroup B had a higher risk than the two subgroups. Dr. Lopez Jimenez, the lead author of the study, said, “the level of risk that subgroup B faces is similar to a person who smokes a pack a day.”

By reading all the facts mentioned above, you may now realize that getting rid of your stubborn belly fat is not intended for having an attractive body. You must get rid of it because it may result to your premature death. If you are in your early 30s or above, premature death means not seeing your child grow up, get married and playing with your grandchildren.

You don’t want to risk your life as Becky Montague did.  Fortunately, she still enjoys her second life, after a mild stroke because of her weight condition.

You will learn more about her later and the diet plan she followed that worked better than the gimmicky weight loss systems and diet fads sold in the market today.

Meet John

John worked as a Head Lifeguard at Newport Beach in California.

He is an advocate of trimming belly fat, which leads to deadly and irreversible health conditions. He owns a formula that helps lose weight. given by a medical student named Jesse, which he tested with his lifeguards.

Jesse caught his attention when Jesse told him that he was not training his lifeguards properly. Jesse told him that the exercise drills he provided were very long and the lifeguards’ bodies continue to store fat, even when they cut out the carbs of their diet.  After that conversation, John privately talked to each lifeguard and asked them to follow the formula that Jesse gave.

The next day, the formula showed signs of effectiveness, as John’s lifeguards looked refreshed and alert.  It is also striking to learn that 93% of the lifeguards lost more than two pounds. They did not change their physical activity and it happened overnight.

You should be thinking now that the secret formula could be any of the weight loss systems such as Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Paleo Diet and Atkins Diet. However, Jesse’s formula is very different. I call it as The X-Factor Diet.

The X-Factor Diet

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the belly fat trimming solution that will be revealed to you is backed up by a science-based approach. Please bear with me as I explain the entire weight loss process.

 The X-Factor Diet focuses on two things – getting rid of toxins and keeping blood sugar levels stable.

  • Getting rid of toxins

The X-Factor Diet formula requires you to have enough antioxidants in your body. You need to eat food high in antioxidants because it helps in getting rid of toxins and damaged cells will be repaired. In effect, you will look younger and more energetic.

Food high in antioxidants also helps in the removal of stored fat. It fights the free radicals that cause the storage of fat in your body. Removal of free radicals is the secret to quick weight loss.

Food rich in antioxidants is high in vitamins and low in calories; you don’t need to count your calories and you can eat as much as you want.

  • Keeping blood sugar levels stable

When you eat processed foods, sugar level increases. To bring it back to its normal level, your pancreas releases more insulin than usual.  When the level of insulin increases, it stops the production of the fat-producing glucagon.

Although fat production has stopped, your sugar level is affected by the increase of insulin. You end up with low blood sugar which brings back your cravings for more sugar and junk foods. The cycle begins again.

The X-Factor diet provides the right food that helps in shutting off the cycle. It means that your sugar level remains stable and you will have no cravings for more sugar.

The Story of Becky Montague

Becky Montague is one of the people who had risked her life because of her weight condition. She was 39 years old when John met her at the Newport Beach. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and she had a mild stroke, which doctors refer to as a transient ischemic attack.

She was reflecting on her life when John saw her sitting on the beach. She shared her struggle to lose 40 pounds in the next six weeks. With empathy for her ordeal, John shared the X-Factor Diet. Although she was doubtful at first, she took the challenge and gave it a try. It was her family that she was thinking of at the time.

The following days were different for Becky; she was more excited than the last time John saw her. She started to lose weight and on the final week of her plan, she lost a whopping 46 pounds.

How can you get The X-Factor Diet?

The good news is that you can use the X-Factor Diet and lose weight like Becky Montague.

Here is what is included when you buy The X-Factor Diet System:

  • The X-Factor Diet System – The Secret to Losing Unwanted Weight Fast and Keeping It Off
  • The X-Factor Diet System – The 21 Day Jump Start Guide
  • The X-Factor Diet System – 3 Minute X-Factor Belly Fat Buster Video

Here are the reasons why you should get it:

The Secret to Losing Unwanted Weight Fast and Keeping It Off gives you the following benefits

  • Minimal change to your current lifestyle – Although you need to perform workouts using The X-Factor Diet System, you will only need to spend a short time doing it.
  • Quality time with family – As you age, your energy level decreases. However, when you follow The X-Factor Diet System, you will feel that your energy increases. You will be able to play with your children and grandchildren without feeling tired so quickly.
  • Brings back confidence – You may have accepted that you will not lose weight anymore. However, you cannot deny the fact that you have less confidence than when you were slimmer. The system will bring back the confidence you had before, which will help you perform better at work.
  • Prepare your own food even if you don’t know how to cook – Preparing meals is one of the factors that hinder many people continuing with a certain diet. Time can be a factor because of the complex recipes in the cookbook. However, the main factor is that many dieters do not know how to cook. The X-Factor Diet provides quick meals that you can prepare without the help of others in a short period of time. This diet focuses on nutritious meals and not on complex foods.
  • Become a health expert – It is not enough that you find the system effective. You must also know how it works. The book provides explanations and in-depth information about the diet.

The X-Factor Diet System – The 21 Day Jump Start Guide benefits

  • Lose up to 25 pounds on the first month – If you are aiming to lose weight fast, The 21 Day Jump Start Guide will help you achieve it. It covers a 21-day specific schedule of antioxidants, mineral and herbs that you need to consume every morning. You are also guided on the proper amount that you need to take.

3 Minute X-Factor Belly Fat Buster Video

  • No muscle pain after the workout – Long workouts causes pain in your shoulders, ankles and knees. The

3 Minute X-Factor Belly Fat Buster Video is very short and will not give you such pain, but will trim your belly fat effectively.

How much do I pay for the entire system?

You can get the entire system for less than the price of dinner and a movie. It only costs $47.00.

Why is it affordable?

You do not pay for a shipping fee, which would add to the original price of the product. You can get the entire system right from your computer. Everything is downloadable. The materials are compatible with your smartphone and tablet. You can bring the diet system anywhere you go.

What if I don’t find it effective?

If you think that The X-Factor diet does not work for you, the money will be refunded to you. The offer covers a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

Losing weight is not only about having a sexy body. It is essential to lengthen your life. If you can buy a meal in a fancy restaurant, you can buy The X-Factor Diet system. Skip the movie and the pizza, it is time to prioritize your health.

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